Students’ Testimonials

Make math easier…

I was looking for an institute to study mathematics when my friend recommended make math easy and joining it was the best decision I ever made.
They really stand up to their name and make math a lot easier than it looks.

Nishant Kalra
Class X
April 9, 2021

My experience with MME…

I am Anamika I joined make math easy around the end of my 11th grade my score in mathematics was constantly declining and self study wasn’t helping much
After joining not only my scores got stable but also improved gradually I really understand and learn better here, and have gained confidence.
Anamika Sharma 
Class XI
April 8, 2020

MME, my savior

I used to dread studying mathematics, ran away from it as much as i could trying to escape. This influenced and low graded my confidence in studies too, but when i switched to MME about two months before my finals, it was like magic, they made concepts easier than ever, i am grateful for my good score which was possible because of this site.

Aakash Goel
Class IX
January 2021

Grateful for the concept clarity

I was one of the brightest students in my class and never took tuitions or went to an institute, but when studies shifted to the online platform It became difficult for me to understand concepts. That’s when i came across this site while i was looking for formulae, I got intrigued and signed up for one of it’s programs which turned out to be the best ever decision for me, the concept clarity offered is commendable i understood those things too which I had to cram earlier, I’m never looking back now.

Aisha Mehra
Class XI
September 2020

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